Saturday, July 14, 2012

My New Studio!

Hey There!.... All you Creatives!
 I put this little ditty together for the
 " Where Bloggers Create " Partayyy!!!!
Yet, It happens to come at the opening of my new business ~ Re-imagine That!

My name is Cindy and this is my dog Ruby!
It's time to show you where the magic happens!

Click on this music video and listen while you scroll down!!!

My Favorite!

 I am in the business of helping people RE-Imagine this party is right up my alley! One of the services I offer in my RE-Imagine That! business is helping people RE-Imagine their spaces. I just moved my studio to the upstairs portion of the house. Last year I was downstairs and shared with you that studio, for this party from 
    I have been RE-Imagining my own Studio into something that will allow me to offer all my services comfortably in.

This is the house! The window at the tippy-top is where I have my studio!

As we move up the stairs and around to the banister this is what it used to look like........

I then started to shift things around, brought the IKEA desk from downstairs up.
 ...and the RE-Imagining of my space began!

Pulling out the fabric and letting the design ideas flow...

Coming up the stairs again, walking around the banister..

Into this...

A little closer view.....

So I needed places to make my " Be the Change " jewelry.
I needed a place to sit and give my clients ~ over the phone~ intutitive readings, remote reiki sessions and help them create a new life script.
I also needed a place to blog, paint, craft and photograph. 
I needed a place to give my quantum-reiki energy balancing sessions..
I had to get creative to fit all these activities in this one space..sooo

this is where I am sitting blogging to you right now!!!

This is an area that I can craft, make my jewelry, photograph and name it, separate from the other areas and all my bells and whistles sit behind me under a the black table which is also a workspace....

This is the chair that I give over the phone readings, remote energy healing and life-scripting...

This is where I do my beading work..

It has casters so I can pull it out and sit on the that!


Here are some samples of my "Be the Change" jewelry line.

Intent-tional Jewelry.

Learn More about My Jewelry!

Now I will add a picture, looking at the room from the other direction..

Not so pretty is it?..well, let's see what I can pull out of my party hat....



Check out that door at the far end of the room..that is where I sleep but guess who I caught
contemplating the meaning of life....
Yep! Rubsters, Miss Imagination!!

 In the peak...where you see the fringe, is where I have my quantum-reiki table and give energy alignments and reiki healing.

A few more pictures of the place!


Before Picture..


Lets take a closer look inside that closet!

So there it is! Thanks for listening and looking!  

80% of items used in this RE-Do are from consignment stores.
Keeping the footprint the motive.

Total Cost of my Re-Do?

(does not include reiki table, desk, low book shelf or red chair or bead bar.. but everything else! )

Have fun at the blog party today! If you want to know more about what I do click here! 

Now I need to get on over to your studio and see what you have created!

Peace and Loverly RE-Imaginings!



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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Getting Ready for the 2012 " Where Bloggers Create" Party!

     My own RE-Imagine project is underway!  Why? Well this is the deal! My friend Karen Valentine is having her forth annual "  Where Bloggers Create" on-line party where anyone who writes, blogs, crafts, designs, photographs, coaches, sells and does the splits,  gets to show you what their studio and passion looks like... the place their magic is made! I have moved prior to each new partay, therefore I am always having to RE-imagine my studio each year, in a different location and on a different blog~ that is nuts in itself 
( obviously I love to create blogs ).  Soooo, hence the new name for my new business and this blog!!! RE-IMAGINE THAT! Anywho.. I am running around here ~ re-imagining my  " new " loft/studio space! Last year I was downstairs for the parrtay...but this year I am in the upstairs part of the house! As you can see I have a real mess on my hands and very little time to turn my orbit around! 
Click the link below to see last years entry for the party and my studio RE-do!

See you in 24 hours!
Peace and Loverly RE-Imaginings!


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