Thursday, July 12, 2012

Getting Ready for the 2012 " Where Bloggers Create" Party!

     My own RE-Imagine project is underway!  Why? Well this is the deal! My friend Karen Valentine is having her forth annual "  Where Bloggers Create" on-line party where anyone who writes, blogs, crafts, designs, photographs, coaches, sells and does the splits,  gets to show you what their studio and passion looks like... the place their magic is made! I have moved prior to each new partay, therefore I am always having to RE-imagine my studio each year, in a different location and on a different blog~ that is nuts in itself 
( obviously I love to create blogs ).  Soooo, hence the new name for my new business and this blog!!! RE-IMAGINE THAT! Anywho.. I am running around here ~ re-imagining my  " new " loft/studio space! Last year I was downstairs for the parrtay...but this year I am in the upstairs part of the house! As you can see I have a real mess on my hands and very little time to turn my orbit around! 
Click the link below to see last years entry for the party and my studio RE-do!

See you in 24 hours!
Peace and Loverly RE-Imaginings!

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