Sunday, April 10, 2016

Good Sunday Morning to You from Sedona, Arizona!
It is April 10th and I have been updating my website, advertising materials and getting my desire back to write in my blog and continue working on my book! My intuition today says, "Just let well enough alone and not everything has to be RE-Imagined!. Staying with what already is and not trying to change it, has great value too!  Allowance is the flavor of the day for me, what is your intuition telling you????! Stay tuned, as I will be posting more!!! Have a beautiful week you loverly Intuitives and Re-Imaginers!!  GO with your Soul! It knows so much more than we give it credit for! I have a wonderful CD suggestion for you today! It is call The Journey! It is all about going with the soul!! I have had it for years and love to listen to it. You may too!! Here is the Link ( just click on the picture ) ! I see some available for 42 cents. Yowza!!

Rock On with Your Beautiful Self O.K.?

P.S.  Want an Intuitive Reading or some Intuitive Spiritual Counseling?? Need clarity or insight on a particular situation that you are dealing with? Always here and ready to book an appointment with you!

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