Thursday, June 27, 2013

Create something new.
The old song is dying.
Bringing with it a new view.
Perfect time now to Re-Imagine a New You!

How do you want to RE-Imagine yourself? As you can see by this blog that is my intent! Spurring on the whole re-imagining process in you!. That is what I do. We are energy and energy moves and creates more energy and sometimes it gets stagnant and stuck and  does all sorts of  crazy things. With the Summer Solstice and the Big Moon to our back and the endless possibilities for joy in our future, I invite you to conjure up some ways you might want to re-invent yourself! Will you work on the outside and your surroundings or will you work on some inside things that need a re-do? Perhaps you need to re-think a situation that is causing you worry or concern. Whatever the case, if this applies, the time is ripe all the energies are moving in our favor, for a better version of who we once were and currently are. Cast off all the heartache, the relationships that did not go right, the things that did not go according to plan and forgive and project peace into each situation that brought you to this place.Clean out your spaces and places of clutter and disarray to help simplify your- Here and Now. This is what we have at our fingertips and it is time to set the energy right and choose thoughts that will bring us that JOY. Take an inventory of what you want to see in your future world and start to visualize it in your world now. Today. 
" Act as if " you already are it or have it and you will bring it into form. So go out today and do one thing that has you FEELING as if you already have what you think you don't!   Die to the old song and dance and wake up to a new you! Leave me comments and tell me how you are re-imagining yourself! Or email me at
We are all in this together!

Peace and Loverly Re-Imaginings~!


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