Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Presenting another RE-Imagine That! Artist ~Bobby Furst!

 Hope you all had a great 4th of July week-end!
A long one indeed! My son, daughter-in-law and I had an opportunity to visit an amazing assemblage artist in Joshua Tree, California. We went to his art compound after a wonderful " Summer Solstice " celebration in Pioneertown, CA.
 His name is Bobby Furst and he " Re-Imagines " most anything into unique and wonderful pieces of art. The mixed media that he uses in his art may include musical intsruments, old signs, ribbons and string, wire, cables, wheels, spokes, chains, bones, helmets, bells, clocks, lights .... you name it!  Taking everyday objects and creating pieces that challenge our mind and spirit to "SHIFT" into that deeper perspective regarding social, political and enviornmental issues. I was especially taken in by this art installation. The word peace is made out of empty bullet casings which depict all the waste of lives that war brings about. Behind it he has placed the American Flag. Books sit below with the names of soldiers that have died in war. This photo I doctored up for the 4th of July, but you can see what an amazing artist he is. The rest of the photos are of his Art Pad and Art. Enjoy!

One of the many buildings on the property that display his art. 

Far-out metal pieces line the driveway!

Even a PEACE cake!

Bobby with my son and daughter-in-law.

If you want to view more of Bobbys work this will take you to a listing of his pieces!

Laluzdejesus-Bobby Furst

Thank you Bobbie Furst for a great tour of your Art Pad!

I also like to RE-Imagine photos... so these are more pictures that I RE-Imagined. You are free to use them to help spread the word of Peace and Love!

This was a flag that was blowing in the wind when we got there!

I RE-Imagined it into this.

Our imaginations are our most valuable tool in creating what we want in our lives. It is where all ideas are born. I Feel. 

This sign that Bobby made says War- Wrong Way

I RE-Imagined it into this.

So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed the show and have a wonderfully creative week. I will be back with a view of my own studio for the " Where Bloggers Create Party" that opens up to over 300 artist/ bloggers studios this Friday the 12th of July!!!

Peace and Loverly Re-Imaginings!

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