Friday, July 12, 2013

"Where Bloggers Create" Par-tayyyy is Here!

 My Theme This Year Is...

My Oh My! We are doing it..yet again! How fun!  Much thanks to that beautiful, creative gal, Karen Valentine for making this happen!  5th year! Last year my studio was in Portland, Oregon.  September brought more changes for me (only 2 months after posting for the 2012 WBC party),  I moved to Las Vegas to be closer to my 94 year old mom. She was having some health issues that called me to be closer to her and help her with the end of life process.  Making her transition in January of this year, from " Independent Living " into " Assisted Living"  has had me going through some real " emotional stretching " for sure. It's so very sad to watch your mom become weaker and weaker.. A heart that has become worn with time. So I ask myself what is it I can draw on to keep my vibe high and not get pulled into the sadness? My Art. I rented a condo here and made the place into my art /healing studio...Here are the pictures. Enjoy! The second bedroom is under construction and that is where I will do other art projects and quantum-reiki. Will post that room when I finish designing it.

This is a bouquet of flowers with the signature peacock feathers that I made for this years party! Got them at Trader Joes! So Inexpensive!

I have been inspired by this book, this year and it has been a GOD SEND from my daughter-in-law! It has led me to painting..and writing! ( She is a GOD SEND) ...Thank you Mrs. Absher!

I have been very inspired by these two books, as well, and have been teaching myself to paint with acrylics.

This is where I paint. 

Yes, that is fresh lavender. Had to!

The beautiful triage...that helps me through it all..

New Stories, Scripts and Re-Imaginings in my journals also help. My favorite goblet sits right beside me.

This is where I am sitting.. blogging to you! The end of the chaise is where I make my jewelry. I also give over-the-phone intuitive readings in this space. Thinking about covering the mirror in leather. How do you RE-Imagine It? Huge Chalkboard?

The RE-Imagine That!  Studio. 

One of the things that got me back into painting was participating in Wine and Canvas..they are going on all over the country! Soooo much fun!

First painting @ Wine and Canvas/ Las Vegas

My next painting....FLOWER POWER begins to EMERGE !.

Next FLOWER POWER painting is really bright I am finding how much I love "getting back" to painting!
Another one.
This is the start of my new painting. It will become a peacock feather. Can't wait to see how it wants to reveal itself!
So we come to the end of my Art/Healing Pad! I need to get busy on this painting. Enough about me...I want to see your art pad!  We actually have all week-end ! Have a groovy day and know you are LOVED!  Stay cool and creative!

Visit more studios! Go to Karens blog and scroll down to list on right hand side!

Check out my post of Bobby Furst 's Art Pad! Total RE-Imagine Artist! Next post down...

Peace and Loverly RE-Imaginings!


  1. Cindy, your space looks so warm and inviting. I can see how art has become so healing to you. I wish you and your mom the best. :-)

    1. Thank You Carmen! Yes, it has been healing to me...headed over to your space now!

  2. Hi Cindy, i love the colours in your space, sending healing thoughts to you and your mom. kat =^.^=

    1. Thank you Kat!I have been adding more color to my life and know how badly I needed it! One day at a time with mom! Headed to your place now!

  3. Huge hugs for you and your mom.
    Thanks for the tour. I like the leather idea. I think a blackboard would suck all the color out of the room. I also think a Native American woven rug or blanket would look great up there.

  4. Marianne! Thanks for the leather idea. That was my first idea and you confirmed it...! Heading over to your place to see your space!

  5. Good for you bright colors! My style!

  6. Glad to see you are coping with life's changes. Julia Cameron's book has been a favorite of mine for at least 14 years. Her morning pages have been a framework for many accomplishments I could never have dreamed. Your place looks so inviting and comfortable. Keep creating.

  7. Your space is AWESOME! I love all the color and texture. I am a huge fan of sunflowers so your paintings are drawing me in. My daughters are treating me to a Brush Bar experience for my birthday - which I think is similar to Wine and Canvas! Keep on painting and I will be back to see more! Take care.

  8. Wonderful space. Love the chaise!
    The wicker baskets are a fav too! Thank you for showing us around.

    Happy Crafting

  9. Your space looks very inviting! Good on you for staying close to your mom in this time of need. Hugs!

  10. I am so happy for you, that you found a special and uplifting space to be, while you were serving your mother. I like the sparkle and bling the mirror brings to the room, but, like you can see that leather might make an amazing "leather stained window" with mirror peeking out.


  11. Oh my gosh Cin!!! It is soooo boho-chic!!!!! Perfect for you girlfriend!!! And, I think a big chalkboard there would be fabulous or maybe a big covered pin board with all kinds of inspiration pinned to it! You could just get a big piece of plywood or particle board and paint it or cover it and set it up there.
    Thanks so much for sticking with me all these years!! See yo next year too I hope!!!

  12. even though I can't paint, that makes me wantta paint lol! I love how your supplies are in baskets a high/low level, the room is very inviting & I can see how you can be creative in there

  13. So great you have your art to help you through a trying time with your mother, but also so great that you are there with her. I too think the chalkboard over the mirror would be awesome!

  14. HI cinsy. Like the madhatter I am late for the party. I am sorry your mom has to go through these issues and I empathize with you. What a wonderful loving daughter to relocate to be with her. I love your studio. It exudes such postive energy and looks like such a peaceful relaxing place to work.
    Thank you for sharing. I also love all your art work. Congratulations on your self taught painting. I look forward to seeing what comes next.

  15. Very relaxing and comfy space to create in, love all the soft seating. I love fresh flowers in my work space and always have something in there growing and not only is it soothing to the eye, scents are heavenly but they relax me and they freshen the air. Great space and Im glad you included your art work, very nice!!! Namaste!!!



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